Changing perceptions - Challenging attitudes.


For many years, excepting only a few select venues, the Disabled communities
have not had regular access to events and have been left on the Fringes frustrated.
We want to encourage a change of mindset and show that this does not have to be cost
prohibitive and that many venues have already got the necessary facilities in place which just need some adjustment if any at all.

Did you know that there are many Disabled musicians, artists, authors and other kinds of
performers? Many of them are on the Fringes and they need to be showcased.

By doing this, we are creating a culture of accessibility where it just happens without a second thought.

Become an F Plus Venue

We have put together some guidelines for promoters, venues, and performers on how to achieve F Plus accreditation. Download a printable PDF file below.

In Hull and East Yorkshire, it is hard to find information about accessible events
for the Disabled and Deaf Communities. This page is here to change this!

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