The Hull Fringe Launch Event – @ O’Riley’s – 3rd February 2017.


Produced By Les Drake and his team at Digital Creations.

A superb record of The Hull Fringe Launch event at O’Riley’s, Beverley Road, Hull

The film says it all really so no need to waffle on here except to say all involved were a pleasure to work with and a fabulous
testement to the talent in our city.

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Les Merchands Etrangers – Fringe @ O’Riley’s – Gallery

An honest and warm appraisal of the very first Hull Fringe show.

February 3rd, 2017 at O’Riley’s, Beverley Road, Hull


The morning after the night before. Otherwise known as a time for critique.
Without introspection, it’s very difficult to get better.

And, you know something? It is very difficult to find fault in last night’s gig.

There were many happy people at O’Rileys last night and a really warm glow about the place.
I have to say that Darren Bunting has generated a proper place to perform.
Great light show and a great sound in a really good space.
The performers were universally great, and I for one would like to thank them for
their time and efforts. In return, I think we can offer them the honour of being there
at the very first Hull Fringe gig. They’ll be able to look back in a few years and say “I was there!”
It was also good to see people from out of the city, (Exeter and Derby) whom we welcomed
with open arms in the great tradition of Hull hospitality.
The very sad thing was that (this is direct criticism of CoC) they had asked in the Tourist
Information Office and of CoC volunteers where they could hear live music and nobody knew.
They were pointed our way by Jaz Bar in the Old Town.

Mike Fuller

Here’s a gallery from the event.
Photographs by RONNIE SOAK

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Hull Heard was born in the summer of 2014 when a group of artists and musicians attended the anti-fracking camps at Crawberry Hill and West Newton on many occasions to show their solidarity with the camp protectors who were staying there.

In July 2014 the first Hull Heard event was held at the New Adelphi Club as a fundraiser for the camps and featured 8 different acts, mostly from the Hull area, and was a fantastic success. Based on how well this first event went a decision was made to continue Hull Heard and to help raise funds and awareness for various causes in Hull.

Across 15 different gigs Hull Heard has held benefit gigs for groups such as Hull Homeless Outreach, Hull Samaritans, The Sunflower Project (music therapy for people with impairments), Hull and East Yorkshire Rape Crisis, Charlotte’s Army (a local project raising funds for MIND), Hotdoggers Homeless Project (who help people from an unsettled way of life gain training in a cafe, as well as providing an outreach service for homeless people in Hull) as well as donating to the community allotment run by Germinate At The Edge. Hull Heard has also held an event to raise awareness of the vile practice of breeding beagles for animal testing purposes, carried out by B&K universal near Hornsea. There is usually a speaker from the supported cause at the gig.

Almost 50 musical acts including Shiznitz, RunOffTheStatic, The Dyr Sister, Emma Rugg, Bud Sugar, Anarchy Dada and Althea Sound have been kind enough to volunteer their time to play at the various Hull Heard gigs and they have helped to create a diverse atmosphere in which many different musical styles and genres can be heard and enjoyed by the audience. Each event has its own unique poster art and there is a magazine available at the gigs with contributions from various local artists and writers.

Hull Heard events are usually held every 2-3 months and the next event will be at O’Riley’s on Saturday 18th Feb as well as Saturday 22nd April at the New Adelphi Club. The Hull Heard events are an exciting blend of music, art and activism with a party vibe and a friendly crowd that almost guarantees a good night out. Admission costs just £2!

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