THE HULL FRINGE Volunteer Management Committee

Left to Right - Jon Nelson - Sam Donaldson - Dan Watts - Mike Fuller

Would you like to help The Hull Fringe?

As things progress with the fringe we will be looking for volunteers to help with our workload. We are going to need support with events, marketing, website content, and more. If you are interested in volunteering with us, go to our contact us page and tell us about yourself.


Hull, UK City of Culture 2017. An internationally renowned happening, but the grassroots feel disenfranchised. This catalysed the concept of The Hull Fringe.
The Hull Fringe is of the community, is completely independent and will run through 2017
and then into the future as a legacy Fringe Fortnight.

We will provide the infrastructure to bring venues, performers and the audience together,
while giving full creative freedom. Our accredited venues and performers will be encouraged
to be as inclusive as possible. Those who go the extra mile will earn the F+ logo.

Our aims? Put the culture of our good city on the map and simultaneously make the world a better place.
Hull, City of Culture 2017. 650 local groups bid for funding and only 60 were selected. The other groups feel they have been left on the Fringe.

If Edinburgh can run a successful Fringe, why can't we, the independent community of Hull? The City of Culture team are putting together the big spectacular stuff, but there's a void beneath it - our role is to fill that void by building the infrastructure to bring together venues, promoters and performers.
The Hull Fringe will run throughout 2017, but then become the legacy into the future of an annual Fringe Fortnight.

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